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Step 1

Project Scoping, Supplier Search and Profiling

An analysis on your requirement is done by our engineers to understand the project and estimate feasibility. A minimum of three manufacturers from India are reviewed and qualified based on verification and plant visit.
Step 2

Negotiation and Cost Submission

Being on-ground with the knowledge and experience of dealing with suppliers in India helps us to negotiate by validating each parameter. This enables us to submit the best possible quotation.
Step 3

Sample Submission and Production

We procure the sample for First Article Submission and ship it for approval. Technical assistance for master production is provided to the manufacturer and regular reporting of on-going process is submitted to the client.
Step 4

Quality Management & Supply Chain Management

Quality Management Our inspection services minimize the number of costly defects by detecting non-conformances throughout the production cycle. We use innovative methods to determine the overall quality of the products, Corrective Action Preventive Action (CAPA) to investigate and solve problems before delivery.

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